Family Man

While waiting in line to get his photo taken for his student ID card at the University of Denver, Jon met an intelligent, beautiful woman named Emma. A year later, they were engaged to be married. Half-way through law school at the University of Denver, Jon volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan.

Just prior to leaving for war, Jon and Emma eloped.

It was wintertime, and Jon was sent to the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. He returned to the United States just in time for his “official“ wedding ceremony with family and friends.

When his wife Emma picked him up from the airport, the first thing she said was tearful, “I love you.”

The second thing she said was, “You need to shave that beard—right away.”

Jon considers being a husband and a father his greatest responsibility and his source of true happiness in life. Jon and Emma live in Morrison, Colorado with their daughter, Eleanor Reagan Keyser, their son, Jack Wyatt Keyser, and their Great Dane, Duke.

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