Jon Keyser is a Colorado native, United States Air Force Academy graduate, and decorated combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Although he initially planned to be a pilot, Jon decided that, with simultaneous ground wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, he could make the biggest impact by serving our country in ground combat.

Jon became an Intelligence Officer and he quickly sought out and volunteered for a sensitive deployment to Iraq. There, he served on an elite special operations team conducting capture/kill missions against our nation’s highest priority targets, including notorious Iranian-backed insurgents and members of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Jon is a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal and was honored by the Air Force as Intelligence Officer of the Year for his service.

As a second-generation Coloradan raised in a blue-collar family, Jon had to earn his way in life. At a young age, Jon learned the value of hard work by watching the example his parents set – his father worked in construction and carpentry while his mother worked as a grocery store clerk, and later, as an elementary school teacher at a small Christian school.

Through Jon’s hard work and desire to serve our country, he earned the opportunity to attend the United States Air Force Academy and after graduation, he went on to volunteer to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan.

When Jon sought to further his education, he attended law school at the University of Denver. He paid for law school through a combination of student loans, scholarships, and money he earned one summer while working as a roughneck on an oil and natural gas drilling rig on Colorado’s Western Slope.

The leadership and dedication to service Jon demonstrated on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan continued with a different type of public service in Colorado state government. In 2013, Jon decided to run for a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives. Jon won his election by a 9 point margin. The House district where Jon resides, like Colorado, contains more unaffiliated voters than Democrats or Republicans.

As a Representative of the largest house district in the historically competitive swing county of Jefferson County, Jon distinguished himself as a common-sense legislator. He held strong against establishment Republicans in the capitol and voted against the largest budget in Colorado history. Along with his rock-solid fiscal conservative credentials, Jon fought to help Colorado families and repeal regulations burdening small businesses across Colorado.

Jon continues to serve our country as Major in the Air Force Reserve and lives in Morrison, Colorado with his wife and best friend, Emma.

Jon and Emma are proud parents of their daughter, Eleanor Reagan Keyser, and their son, Jack Wyatt Keyser. The Keysers also adore their Steel Blue Great Dane, Duke.